Recycled Cardboard Boxes

With the ever increasing need to recycle waste we feel obligated to make all the difference we can in South Africa. We source reusable cardboard boxes that can be ideally used for storage or transportation of goods and used during moving office, house or house renovations. 

Why pay huge amounts of money for new boxes or the hassle of driving to your local supermarket and digging around in dispatch areas to get used boxes.

We do this for you, packaged into bundles of different amounts and sizes, and delivered to your door !

We also have packaged together moving kits for your convenience, they are customized to your size house requirements. The moving kits contain:

  • A range of different size boxes
  • Packaging tape
  • Box cutters
  • Markers
  • Packaging paper
  • And some packs contain a packaging tape dispenser for easy application of tape.

We also supply bulk orders to larger corporate's. Please feel free to contact us for bulk rates.

Make a difference, save the world's trees and use recycled boxes!