Do you have retail store where I can just come in and pick up my boxes?
We operate out of a storage unit in Claremont, Gardens and Somerset West where you can collect your boxes or come and buy directly from us, we have card payment facilities. Please contact us first to make an appointment meet us there.

Are the boxes you sell as good as brand-new boxes?
The boxes you receive have been gently used once, or they may be brand new over runs or misprints. They may also have a label and tape on them. But for the purpose of packing them with household items for a move, or to ship an item across the country, they are perfect. Most of our boxes are all double walled thick.The suppliers of our used boxes are manufacturers, distributors and retailers that use high-quality boxes only once. Whichever boxes you order from us, you can rest assured that you are getting quality boxes at a discount price.

How much do you charge for shipping?
Atlantic Seaboard/ Cape Town CBD/ Southern Suburbs: R130
Northern suburbs, Blouberg, West beach, South Peninsular: R150
Stellenbosch, Somerset West: R130

When will my boxes arrive?
Delivery will take 1-2 working days. We will try make a plan for same day service if needed.

What is the difference between a Moving Kit and Individual Boxes?
Our Moving Kits are pre selected sets of boxes and accessories designed to make ordering as easy as possible and to make your move hassle free.

Individual boxes you can select and buy what you need.

I need a specific size box, and I only need a few, can I special order them?
We pre pack our boxes into minimum quantities of 10. Our boxes are selected to be optimum for moving household goods and for commercial use.

I want to buy A LOT of boxes. Can you give me a better price than what’s on your website?
For bulk orders above 100 boxes contact us and we can quote you for pricing.

If I order a stack of boxes, or a moving kit with a specific amount of each size of box, will the boxes be uniform (i.e. will all the larges be the same)?
We pack your boxes into uniform packs of 10’s of the same size box

I don't know what I want. Can you send me a price list?
Pricing can be found on the website at the online store.

Do you sell book boxes?
We sell medium boxes that are ideal for books or office files etc

What do I do if I can not place my order online?
We have a credit card facility and you can pay on delivery via cash or card.

I just placed an order and changed my mind, can I cancel my order before it ships?
You can cancel your order but will incur a 10% handling fee on your order.

I have already received my order, but I don’t need the boxes anymore. Can I return them?
You can return your order but will incur a 10% handling fee on your order.

I did not use all of my boxes in my move. Can I return the boxes to you for a credit?
We are happy to credit you for the boxes that you haven’t used plus you will incur a 10% handling fee on the full order

I am done moving, and I have unpacked all my boxes. Do you take them back?
Due to the boxes getting damaged during a move, we do not take the boxes back. We have a list on the website where you can drop your boxes off at a authorized recycling depot.